Microsoft's Robbie Bach Lists Three Reasons Why Blu-ray Won't Happen For Xbox 360


Posted January 9, 2009 - By r_pad

Still dreaming about upgrading your Xbox 360 with a Blu-ray drive? Well, don't get your hopes up. Microsoft's president of entertainment and devices, Robbie Bach, recently listed three reasons it won't happen during an interview at the Consumer Electronics Show 2009. Bach told TechFlash:

"It’s not a feature we get a ton of requests for. We really don’t. When you ask people the list of things they want to see us spending time creating in Xbox, Blu-ray is way, way down on the list.

The second thing is, from a technical perspective, it doesn’t help us in the core of what Xbox does, which is in gaming. We can’t have publishers produce games on Blu-ray disc. Because then they won’t play on the 28 million Xboxes we’ve already shipped. So it doesn’t help us in the core gaming space.

The third thing, and this maps to all three of those, is that it costs a lot of money. And so the scenario is, OK, let me get this straight: I’m going to add something to the product that’s going to raise the cost, which means the price goes up, consumers aren’t asking for it, and by the way, my game developers can’t use it."

The reasoning is certainly sound, but it doesn't mean that there will never be an add-on peripheral like the HD-DVD drive for Xbox 360. Obviously, Microsoft had a lot invested in the HD-DVD format, so that product might have been forced, but if Blu-ray sales skyrocket, I'm sure the company rather have people watching movies on an Xbox 360 than another device. Now all that said, the chances are pretty slim of it ever happening on the 360. Blu-ray sales are doing okay (not great) in the languishing economy and the company seems content to offer high-definition movies through Netflix and the Xbox Live Marketplace. As for Microsoft's next console...that's another story.

Are there any Xbox fans out there that are disappointed by Bach's statements? Or do you just not care about Blu-ray?


Microsoft's Robbie Bach Lists Three Reasons Why Blu-ray Won't Happen For Xbox 360


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