CES 2009: Sony PlayStation Presentation


Posted January 8, 2009 - By Dana Leahy

See Sony's PS3 press conference here.

Sony is about to start their PlayStation presentation, where they'll be updating us on the latest innovations for the PlayStation 3 and PSP.

Let's go to the live blog for coverage.

11:10 AM: The Co-Directors of SCEA Bend Studio take the stage. It's John Garvin and Chris Reese, here to give us a look at Resistance Retribution for the PSP.

11:12 AM: It's the premiere of the story trailer. Sony really put some old school Hollywood trailer power behind this one. Grayson has a score to settle and he can only do it by blowing a bunch of stuff up, shooting a bunch of stuff and talking to a beautiful woman in a flightsuit. Awww yeah. Looks awesome.

11:15 AM: Now the producers are going to demo two new features of Resistance Retribution, both having to do with linking the game to your PlayStation 3. The modes are called "Infected" and "Plus."

11:17 AM: "Infected" allows you to link your PSP to your PlayStation 3. It shares your Resistance 2 content with Retribution! "Plus" allows you to hook up your Dual Shock controller and play Retribution on your PlayStation 3.

11:19 AM: While showing us how 'Retribution Plus' works, Reese skipped his own cut scene. He just did it again. I guess you can only watch those so many times. Plus automatically remaps the dual shock controller. Cover system allows you to regenerate health. HE .44 Magnum is brought over from R2 via the Infection tool. Nice.

11:21 AM: Brian Fleming, Founder of Sucker Punch, comes out to talk about Infamous. He's showing the trailer.

11:23 AM: Fleming is demoing some live gameplay and talking about the genesis of the story. Their inspiration was superheroes: the way people react to superheroes, the coming of age aspect. The game is designed to give you the experience of becoming a superhero. The main character, Cole, is a lowly bike messenger who develops superpowers.

11:25 AM: The gameplay demo looks interesting. A little BioShock-y in the weaponry. Now Fleming is talking about the AI: if you decide to be good, the other people in town will support you. If you decide to be bad, they'll turn against you. Sound familiar? See the beginning of that paragraph.

11:27 AM: Cole, the bike messenger, had urban exploration and parkour as hobbies before he developed his powers. So now he can, in expert fashion, jump around from building to building. It also enables vertical duck and cover situations. The game is about Cole's mastery of climbing, jumping and electricity. It's all that's on his resume...that and bike messenger.

11:30 AM: Fleming wraps up the Infamous part of the presentation by showing another trailer.

11:33 AM: Fleming exits and Hermen Hulst from Guerrilla Games takes the stage to talk about Killzone 2, out February 27th exclusively for the PS3.

11:37 AM: Hulst shows a few Killzone 2 videos, one of which is a sequence of "beautiful kills" set to classical music. Blood squirts everywhere as the string section kicks in. Bad ass.

11:40: Hulst is showing demo video after demo video. It's all impressive. Now we're on to a graphics demo. Neat fire effects and lots and lots of detail. The textures look great. Hulst wasn't kidding when he said his artists were "methodical." There's the Mech. Sweet.

11:41 AM: It dawns on me that without Alien and Aliens, we wouldn't really have the awesome space marines we have today. And without Ripley's loader, we probably wouldn't have the amazing Mech suits. Thank you Ridley Scott and James Cameron. I owe you both a cookie.

11:43 AM: Hulst is wrapping things up by showing the Killzone 2 game intro for the first time. Looks great. PS3 owners definitely have something to look forward to with this first-person shooter exclusive. Right?!

CES 2009: Sony PlayStation Presentation


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