Sony's PlayStation Portable Is "Teh Doomed"? I Don't Think So.


Posted January 8, 2009 - By r_pad

Pretty much every day, a reader (several really) of TheFeed says that Sony's PlayStation Portable is "teh doomed". Gamers are a passionate and opinionated bunch that often post rash opinions on the Internet. These opinions sometimes lack rational thought and/or solid data to back them up, so it's easy for me to overlook them. It's part of the game and I get it -- I actually love it when readers take the time to share their thoughts, even if I think they're dead wrong. When other writers in the gaming business say that the PSP is "teh doomed", it irks me. One reader of TheFeed showed me this ridiculous editorial by Yahoo! Games' Mike Smith called "Goodbye, Sony PSP". It's one of the dumbest articles I've read in the last six months.

The article suggests that it's the end of the line for the PSP, going as far as to ask, "Time to put this gaming warhorse out to pasture?" While Smith cites November North American sales figures to back up his opinion, he doesn't consider the bigger picture -- the North American installed base and global sales figures are never mentioned. I guess it's hard to say that a system is dying when it sold more than four-million units in North America and 3.5-million in Japan during 2008. Never mind that the PSP has a total installed base of more than 43-million.

Then there's the software side. Let's forget that Monster Hunter: Portable 2nd G was the best-selling game across all platforms in Japan during 2008. Apparently "software support is eroding". I guess nobody bothered to tell Square Enix this information. The company's lineup for 2009 looks awesome. You have Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Final Fantasy Agito XIII, and Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday. All four games look fantastic and I have no doubt that at least three of them will sell well over a million copies. Throw in games like Patapon 2, LocoRoco 2, Phantasy Star Portable, Star Ocean: Second Evolution, Resistance: Retribution, and Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?, and you have quite a lot to be happy about with the PSP in 2009 -- and that's just the announced games!

Towards the end of the article, Smith compares the PSP to the Apple iPhone, which is just -- let me think of right word -- stupid. I suppose one way to illustrate that a system is dying is to compare it to a device that it doesn't compete with directly.

Hopefully, I've helped some of you understand that the PSP is hardly "teh doomed". The system is still selling well and there are loads of great games coming out for it in 2009. Think I'm wrong? Well speak up and back up your opinions!

Sony's PlayStation Portable Is "Teh Doomed"? I Don't Think So.


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