Toshiba Shows Off Cell TVs at CES 2009


Posted January 7, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

Electronics giant Toshiba is showing off their Cell television technology at this year's CES. The Cell processor was co-developed by Toshiba, Sony, and IBM; most of you know it as the PlayStation 3's CPU. While Toshiba combining Cell processor technology and TV isn't new -- the company was showing off Cell prototypes at least as far back as 2005 --The new Cell powered TV box is a mighty leap forward and might be a game-changer when it hits the open market.

Toshiba is demonstrating their Cell controller with a 56-inch, 4,000 x 2,000-pixel panel to display images that the Cell platform upconverts from 1920 x 1080p to 3840 x 2160p. Do you understand what that means? While most people are impressed with a mere 1080p, Toshiba is throwing double the p at you, which is as highly defined as hell, man. So highly defined, in fact, that no commercially available television will display a picture at that quality.

That's not all, though. The Cell will upconvert web video using what Toshiba calls "Resolution+" technology and new noise-reduction techniques, so that internet video of a dude breaking his arm in a horrible mountain biking accident will be as clear as possible.

The second TV Toshiba is using to demo their Cell-brain features a 55-inch, backlit LED panel, controlled by the Cell platform. It will demonstrate "high speed control of all picture parameters," including a local picture dimming function. But beyond the picture, Toshiba is also showing off the Cell's ability to deliver extremely fast and easy network operation.

UPDATE: Here's a few more details on the Cell TV: The Cell processor will allow for recording of up to six high definition channels of at once. Along with doubling the definition of the current high-end of HD, the Cell will do a fantastic job of upconverting standard def:  Supposedly, the extra processing speed provided by the Cell will upconvert standard definition TV to the point that it will "pass" for high definition. A neat trick, if it works!

I watch a 42-inch Samsung 1080p LCD television that I bought a couple years ago, but I'm thinking of upgrading to an imaginary model that's 18,000p and cooks decent Denver omelets. What about you? What kind of TV do you own and what kind would you like to own?

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Toshiba Shows Off Cell TVs at CES 2009


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