'Fable II': Most Animal-Friendly Game, Says PETA


Posted January 6, 2009 - By kijibe

We all know the fury that comes from pissing off the likes of Steve Jobs and nutcracker Jack Thompson, but I don't know if there's anything scarier than getting on PETA's sh*tlist.

As an organization that was once criticized by Oklahoma Senator Inhofe for "acts of terrorism," isn't it nice to find yourself in PETA's good graces?

Not only did Fable II win X-Play's Game of the Year, but it also takes home PETA's honorable distinction of "Most Animal-Friendly Video Game."

Supposedly, the game is a "vegetarian's dream come true." Rather than gnarling on dog bones and swilling copious amounts of alcohol and devouring meat pies -- which makes the good hero a lard ass -- the game quietly promotes a diet of fruits and vegetables by giving the player purity points. Hedonistic consumption of alcohol and meat gets you corruption points.

Well dang! Can a game get any better? In Fable II, you can also opt for same-sex marriages, engage in some wanton adultery, and even have at it with group sex and some good ol' fashion polygamy. It's the ACLU's wet dream!

...no animals or animal by-products were used or harmed in bringing you this news.


'Fable II': Most Animal-Friendly Game, Says PETA


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