Billy's Gear Pick of 2008: iPhone 3G


Posted January 1, 2009 - By agentcooperfbi

I travel a lot, and often pack craploads of gadgets that keep my inner dork alive while I’m on the road. From a cell phone, a laptop, multiple digital cameras, to a PSP and a DS, my carry-on bag looks like Best Buy threw up in my backpack. As my contract with Sprint was set to end in the Spring, and everyone and their brother knew Jobs and Co. was set to launch a speedier iPhone -- I took the leap to AT&T a little earlier than I had to. To hold me over, I picked up a $99 Samsung Blackjack II.

Even though the Blackjack II held me over until I picked up my iPhone, I enjoyed it’s zippy e-mail access and Qwerty keyboard for quick texting. However, Windows Mobile 6.0 is a sluggish turd, and the web browser is horribly dated. Sure, I could watch video and listen to music on the Blackjack II if I wanted, but it was more effort than it was worth, and my PSP and iPod Nano did both better. I still had to carry around numerous electronics.

Since I had jumped to AT&T early, when the 3G was released I had to pay the full price of the iPhone 3G (ouch, $500) if I wanted to upgrade. I finally bit the bullet, and couldn’t be happier. Selling my Blackjack II on eBay helped lessen the sticker shock, but after becoming an iPhone user for seven months, I would pay the full price for this device without thinking twice. There’s a reason why iPhone users call the iPhone the Jesus Phone. It rules.

I mean, have you ever said that your phone was fun? Have you ever told someone a phone made your life easier? As a phone itself, the 3G has performed well. Calls are clear, the speakerphone is great, and visual voicemail is genius. Adding in an excellent e-mail client that easily handles multiple accounts, to a true web browser (still needs Flash dammit), and a touch screen keyboard that works just as well as my Blackjack II’s Qwerty, I was already satisfied. Then obviously, it can hold a considerable amount of my music and video, so holding an entire season or two of 30 Rock while keeping my tunes and podcasts together is also convenient. Did I mention that “I’m a PC?” Everything synchs quite well.

Then there’s the hundreds of free apps to download and play with. Wordpress, Twitter, Facebook, AIM, and more keep me away from my computer, and apps like Pandora, Yelp, Showtimes, Urban Spoon, i.TV, Google Earth, and PhoneFlix are regularly helpful. Just the maps function alone helps a stubborn male from asking for directions. And every day I’ll find more and more apps that make my life easier. Considering the fact that I refuse to purchase any apps or games on the iPhone, that’s pretty impressive. Gaming on the iPhone won’t see me ditching my PSP or DS any time soon, but even free games like Aurora Feint have kept me busy when my portables aren’t handy.

Even though I love my new Dell XPS laptop, and my Garmin Nuvi GPS has helped me survive getting through LA -- I absolutely adore my iPhone. Until Apple releases a newer model, I don’t see anything quite topping the Jesus phone.

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Billy's Gear Pick of 2008: iPhone 3G


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