Sony's Solution: Sell A Cripple Version Of The PlayStation 3?


Posted December 30, 2008 - By r_pad

With Sony currently stuck in third place in the console wars, it seems like everyone and their mothers are coming with ideas on how the company can sell more PlayStation 3 consoles. The latest wacky idea comes from GigaOm's Wagner James Au. In order to raise the installed base of the PS3, Au believes that Sony should make a cheaper, Internet-driven device that does not have a Blu-ray player.

"The short-term solution is to manufacture a new PS3 line that comes without a Blu-ray. Sony could sell it for considerably less than the current $400 MSRP. While the standard PS3 will still be for sale, this cheaper model (call it 'PS3 Net') could come with several consumer-selected Sony gamespre -installed in the hard drive, and take advantage of high-speed broadband, especially in Japan, for downloading games, movies, and other content via the PlayStation Network. (And PS3 Net owners can still buy an externalBlu-ray drive later.)"

Full disclosure: I've worked with Au in the past and I like him. However, this has got to be one of the dumbest solutions I've heard of. As many of you know, I have no love for the Xbox 360 Arcade sku; I believe it's crippled and pretty much a rip off. To suggest that Sony sell an even more limited system seems utterly ridiculous to me. I can't see a consumer being satisfied solely relying on the (still evolving) PlayStation Network for all their new experiences. This "PS3 Net" system would also take away the machine's biggest differentiators: pure power. Au seems to want to dress the PS3 up in Wii clothing, in hopes of getting the numbers that Nintendo currently enjoys. It doesn't work that way.

Maybe I'm wrong though. Do you think a "PS3 Net" system would appeal to a larger crowd? Is crippling the console and selling it at a low price the answer?


Sony's Solution: Sell A Cripple Version Of The PlayStation 3?


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