SOE Speak On Working With Jim Lee On 'DC Universe Online'


Posted December 29, 2008 - By r_pad

Gamasutra has a pretty interesting interview with Sony Online Entertainment's Wes Yanagi on the upcoming DC Universe Online. One of the subjects Yanagi discusses is working with the incredibly talented Jim Lee (X-Men, WildC.A.T.s, Batman). Yanagi says:

"Generally speaking, we try to get the essence of what he's talking about, if at all possible. And we'll bend over backwards to get that look because that's what his style is known for and it's an awesome style that resonates with a lot of people. Where we can draw the line is when it runs into a technical issue, where we have something where there's too much detail, or the textures might not fit with the parameters that we have or something like that. When we run into technical issues, we'll discuss that with him and go over what our limits are. Usually, he's understanding about that and goes, 'Okay, I understand,' and moves on to the next thing."

I really hope that DC Universe Online's art truly resemble a video-game version of Jim Lee's famous work. It would make the game one of the most stylish and best-looking MMOs on the market. Even though Lee is consulting on the project, I'm afraid something will get lost in translation. It's just hard to take great looking 2D art and transform it into 3D art that's playable. Perhaps I'm being too pessimistic (though I'm probably just afraid of being disappointed).


SOE Speak On Working With Jim Lee On 'DC Universe Online'


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