'Dissidia: Final Fantasy' "Duel Colosseum" Mode Explored


Posted December 23, 2008 - By Brian Leahy

One of the best parts about the PSP having USB support is being able to download 100% game saves from obsessed Japanese gamers over the internet.

I went out and did just that for Dissidia: Final Fantasy to bring you guys some great video that would normally require me to play the game non-stop (I told my bosses I was willing to do this...)

Here now, is the Duel Colosseum mode, which works as follows:

  • Players choose their character and then pick an enemy level range: 1-30, 31-60, 61-90, and 91-130.
  • Three cards are presented to the player, which could be a fight, job card, treasure, or boss fight. Fights are worth "medal" which can be traded in for treasure.
  • Losing a battle means the loss of half the value of the fight and an available card to choose from: Losing a +6 fight results in a loss of 3 medal.
  • Job cards have special effects, but the only one I've been able to figure out is the Knight card, which adds another card to the choice pool.

This is just another way to level up your characters, while collecting gear and PP (currency used to buy unlocks like playable characters, stages, and music).

Here now is Sephiroth vs. Cloud of Darkness from Final Fantasy III (and that's the real Final Fantasy III, not FF6). Oh, and as an added bonus, this video shows the character selection screen with every playable character unlocked.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy Duel Colosseum Part 1 »

You'll definitely want to hit the jump for more on this great game mode and a video of Sephiroth vs. Squall.

This mode is challenging and even at level 100 will provide a big challenge in the 91-130 colosseum. After you play through each character's story mode, this is a great place to level up your characters and try out new character builds.

Sephiroth vs. Squall Lionheart in Duel Colosseum

Dissidia: Final Fantasy Duel Colosseum Part 2 »

Stay tuned for more video tomorrow.

Now that I have every character playable... any fight requests?

'Dissidia: Final Fantasy' "Duel Colosseum" Mode Explored


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