'Dissidia: Final Fantasy' Character List


Posted December 18, 2008 - By r_pad

Earlier today, Square Enix announced that Dissidia: Final Fantasy is coming to America. The title stars heroes and villains from every mainline Final Fantasy game ever made. Just to clear things up, I thought it would be convenient to give you a character guide based off of the Japanese version of the game. Additions to the North American version (if any) have not been announced.

Final Fantasy I -- Warrior of Light
Final Fantasy II
-- Firion
Final Fantasy III -- Onion Knight
Final Fantasy IV -- Cecil Harvey
Final Fantasy V -- Bartz Clauser
Final Fantasy VI -- Terra Branford
Final Fantasy VII -- Cloud Strife
Final Fantasy VIII -- Squall Leonhart
Final Fantasy IX -- Zidane Tribal
Final Fantasy X -- Tidus Ballkicker (okay, I made up that last name)
Final Fantasy XI -- Shantotto

Final Fantasy I -- Garland
Final Fantasy II -- Emperor
Final Fantasy III -- Cloud of Darkness
Final Fantasy IV -- Golbez (nephew of Juan Golbez, the famous coffee farmer)
Final Fantasy V -- Exdeath
Final Fantasy VI -- Kefka Palazzo
Final Fantasy VII -- Sephiroth
Final Fantasy VIII -- Ultimecia
Final Fantasy IX -- Kuja
Final Fantasy X -- Jecht
Final Fantasy XII -- Gabranth

Zidane 4 life!!!


'Dissidia: Final Fantasy' Character List


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