'Tron' Sequel = Babes In 3-D


Posted December 17, 2008 - By Joseph Baxter

Ain't it Cool News is reporting that TR2N, the upcoming and long-awaited sequel to 1982's ahead of its time techno-thriller, Tron will be shot entirely in 3-D. According to them, the new technology being utilized is so advanced that they will be able to watch in 3-D through the monitors what is being filmed as it is being filmed, virtually eliminating the post-production process. Apparently, the team behind the film plans to take advantage of the technology for entirely new kinds of sequences. One mentioned specifically, is a first-person perspective shot from the iconic light cycles.

As if there wasn't enough Tron news (or as former G4 host Tommy Tallarico would say, "Troooooooon!",) two new cast members have signed on for the film. There is Olivia Wilde, best known from House as the Doctor known as 13 or "the bi-sexual dying chick," and from the slasher flick, Turistas. Also on board, is Beau Garrett who also shared the screen with Wilde in Turistas, but is probably best known as the beautiful, but ice-cold military Captain whose heart was eventually melted by the Human Torch in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. (The angle was not even half as dramatic in the film as I make it.) The two beauties will join Jeff Bridges, who was already on board to reprise his role as Kevin Flynn. Wilde will play a worker in the virtual world, who ends up joining the fight against the villainous Master Control Program. Garrett will play what is described as "a siren in the virtual world,"

So, are you psyched yet for this? Is it all coming together for you? While the technology in the 1982 film is something that blew away the minds of summer movie-goers, today, there is much of it that is laughable. So it begs the question, how much reinvention will be necessary? Reinvent too much, and it is not Tron any longer. Reinvent too little, and you get a parody of what made the first film so great.


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'Tron' Sequel = Babes In 3-D


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