New 'GI Joe' Character Posters


Posted December 16, 2008 - By Joseph Baxter

Four new character posters have been released for the upcoming film GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra. We see images of classic Joe characters Snake Eyes, Baroness, Ripcord, and Duke in their re-imagined (or in the case of Ripcord, ethnically re-imagined) live-action glory. (Click the source link to view them in full.)

As child of the 80's who didn't give two craps about "kung-fu grip," but intimately knew "swivel-arm battle grip," as well as the perils of broken crotches (total insider reference), I spent a good deal of childhood building armies, and clipping file cards. That being said, what we're seeing from this film sends chills down my spine. (Not in a good way.) Stylistically, it seems to echo the debacle that was the 1994 Street Fighter film. I was half-expecting to see Jean-Claude Van Damme among these posters. (The again, who knows? Are they casting for Serpentor yet?)

However, we still have yet to see so much as an image of Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the iconic Cobra Commander. So in that respect, it's too early to tell. Sometimes a memorable and career-making performance can save what on paper is a crime against humanity. This is one situation where I would LOVE to be proven wrong.


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New 'GI Joe' Character Posters


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