'Halo 3' Being Linked To Teenager Murdering His Parents


Posted December 15, 2008 - By r_pad

It seems like every time video games make significant progress towards complete mainstream acceptance, some idiot kid sets the effort back ten years (not a scientific estimate). That's exactly what's going on in Elyria, Ohio. A little over a year ago, the son of a pastor threw a fit, murdered his mother, and shot his father. That's a terrible and tragic thing. Unfortunately, the whole ordeal is blamed on Halo 3. According to Cleveland.com:

"Daniel Petric was so angry that his father would not allow him to play the violent video game Halo 3 that he killed his mother and shot his father, then tried to make it appear to be a murder-suicide, prosecutors told a Lorain County judge this morning in the boy's murder trial."

It's extremely annoying that one of the first things people will see when they read the sourced article is the phrase "violent video game Halo 3". A lot of people are going to make the ridiculous assumption that Halo 3 made Petric kill his parents. The article later states that Petric was frustrated at being stuck at home with a severe staph infection, but that's at the very end of the story. The article fails to mention that staph infections can spread and affect the brain. Just a theory here, but perhaps that had more to do with the kid's behavior than Halo 3?!? Or maybe the kid was just a complete nutter. I mean...look at him. Either way, Michael Sangiacomo's article is crap.

via Kotaku

'Halo 3' Being Linked To Teenager Murdering His Parents


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