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Posted December 12, 2008 - By Eugene Morton

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The Livescribe Smartpen is a digital voice recorder, combined with an ink pen that allows you to upload to your computer whatever you've recorded and with the infrared camera on the tip, you can check your work as you write. So, is it worth the $150 price tag? Watch today's Tech Review for answers.

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What You Need to Know

  • While you're writing, the smart pen will pick up any audio near you and you can adjust the mic settings, so it'll work well even if you're taking notes in a lecture hall
  • Then, all you have to do is play the session back and it plays your audio along with it, either from the pen or through the livescribe software
  • The software recognizes words so you can search through your notes, even if your handwriting is terrible
  • It won't convert notes into computer text, but there's already third party software to do so
  • You can make a flash movie out of your notes and audio, and it's fun to see how everything played out while you were drawing or writing
  • Upload your notes and audio to your Livescribe account so you can access it anywhere
  • The main graph is used to get to each feature, and this is at the bottom of every page along with the other shortcut buttons
  • You very rarely have to tap twice and there's very little lag while navigating
  • This makes all the other features work well too
  • The translator demo will translate a word you've written from English to a few different languages
  • The piano app lets you draw a piano that you can play
  • Developers have already started writing apps for this, so it has serious potential
  • If you're always taking notes for college classes, meetings, or stand-up routines, it works like a charm


  • $150
  • It’s worth the price

Overall Rating

Tech Review: Livescribe Smartpen


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