Giant Prinny Attacks San Francisco, Gets Drunk, And Tries To Escape In Toyota Scion


Posted December 12, 2008 - By r_pad

Last night, a drunken Prinny went on a rampage in San Francisco, California. The Prinny, suspected to be rabid, crashed an unsuspecting party held by NIS America for the Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? game. At first, the Prinny was docile, but as it proceeded to indulge in various libations, things took a turn for the worse. The beast started to act rowdy, harassing an innocent marketing coordinator. It then tried to escape in itsPrinny -branded Toyota Scion. Thankfully, the fiend was apprehended...and met a grisly fate. Several photos (18!) of the animal's activity -- including its gruesome demise -- can be seen below.

The Beast, Before the Rampage

The Getaway Vehicle

The Unsuspecting Party

The Inside of the Unsuspecting Party

The Prinny Quickly Found its Way to the Bar

Things Started To Get Out of Hand After the 19th Drink

 The Drunk Prinny Busted a Move On NIS America's Marketing Coordinator, Nao Zook

The Prinny Couldn't Make it Through Drink #20

 After More Raucous Behavior, The Prinny Tried to Escape in its Toyota Scion

Check Out the Back of the Beast's Vehicle

Here's a View of the Front Side

The Thing Was So Cruel That it Left its Children in the Car!

The Foul Creature Was Apprehended and (Accidentally) Decapitated

NIS Employees Dutifully Tried to Dispose of the Creature

Okay...This Photo is a Little Too Weird

The Body of the Beast Was the First Part to be Disposed Of

The Head Was Soon to Follow

The Best Part Was That I Took the Prinny's Totally Sweet Water Bottle!

Giant Prinny Attacks San Francisco, Gets Drunk, And Tries To Escape In Toyota Scion


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