Sony Not Even Thinking About PSP2?


Posted December 11, 2008 - By r_pad

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president David Reeves claims that the company isn't even thinking about a successor to the PlayStation Portable (PSP). MCV quotes Reeves as saying:

"No, there are currently no plans for a PSP2. I go to Tokyo quite a lot and no one has referred to it -- I think they have their hands full at the moment"

Reeves was also forthcoming about the PSP's greatest fault: getting quality games.

"Its weakness, however, is its software. And that’s because developers, when it comes to placing their bets, have to choose PS3 and 360, then Wii, then DS, maybe even PS2 before PSP. It's the same at our internal studios, where the focus has been on PS3. They've also focused a lot on PS2 as well because we have to get the SingStars out for that format. So PSP games will come -- they just take a while longer."

I don't believe for a second that Sony doesn't have plans for a PSP2. Either Reeves doesn't talk to the right people at Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (unlikely) or he's just posturing (more likely). The second quote is pretty blunt and honest -- perhaps too much so. I imagine that numerous Japanese execs at SCEI want Reeves to...uhm...well, if you know the name of John Cena's submission finisher then you'll know what I mean.


Sony Not Even Thinking About PSP2?


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