Sylar's Dad Is Coming To 'Heroes'


Posted December 11, 2008 - By Joseph Baxter

It seems that Heroes, a show riddled with paternal issues is showing no signs of breaking the theme. According to Entertainment Weekly, Sylar's father (his REAL one) is going to show up pretty soon. Portraying him, will be an already established "father" in John Glover, best known as Lionel Luthor (Lex's father) on Smallville. Says an unnamed Heroes insider:

When Sylar meets his father, he's going to see a path ahead of him that he doesn't want to take. He has a lot more in common with his father than he realized.

So exactly what will be the "path" that Sylar does not want to take? My guess is a career in the French Foreign Legion or gutting fish in a small market in Chinatown (the boy wouldn't even need a knife.)

After a dramatic behind-the-scenes shake-up due to waning ratings and convoluted storylines, the show is going to try to slim things down and focus more on character-driven drama. As we have already seen in the latest episodes (which were produced before NBC gave the axe to the co-exec producers,) the show seems to already be making that turn (for the good, imo) in regards to the main characters. We also see newer or minor characters biting the bullet in masses rather abruptly. (Nice knowing ya Elle & Arthur Petrelli. Sob, sob.)


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Sylar's Dad Is Coming To 'Heroes'


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