Pseduo-Celebs Invade Ubisoft's 'Rayman' Party


Posted December 10, 2008 - By Dana Leahy

Really? Who is this kid?Ubisoft threw a big launch party for their new game Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party. The good news is that famous people showed up! The bad news is that the famous people who showed up are the same famous people you'd want to gather together into one room, lock the door and watch as they tried to decide who to eat first.

The lame-o guest list included Ryan Cabrera (pictured, but who?), Corey Feldman (completely irrelevant child actor FTW), Shalim Ortiz (double who?), CariDee English (excellent use of intercaps, but who?) and many more! BAH!

The only celeb on the list that made sense was Kim Kardashian, who's in some advertising for the game. Now, whether or not the buxom beauty makes sense as a spokeswoman for a kid's game, is up to you.

Now, Rayman was produced by those crazy baguette lovers over at Ubisoft Paris. My theory is this: Since we know everyone who lives in France is a mime, perhaps they had trouble booking A-List celebrities because they were stuck in invisible boxes that they built themselves.

OR maybe it's that game marketing people are so desperate to have "celebrities" come to their launch parties that they'll settle for anyone with any sort of note attached to their name. Cast your net wide enough and you'll be able to snare some thirsty pseudo-celebrity looking to make a quick American dollar or walk away with a free Wii.

Ubisoft isn't the only company employing this tactic, so the real question is, does the pimping of these no-names affect the way you, game enthusiasts, think about games? Are they actually doing more harm than good?

In the meantime, we can all rest easy knowing some worthless kids from The Hills got to slurp down free alcohol and wave the Wiimote around. I know I'll be able to sleep tonight.


Pseduo-Celebs Invade Ubisoft's 'Rayman' Party


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