Red Wine and Weed Could Help With Alzheimer's


Posted December 8, 2008 - By kijibe

There are two new studies to help soften stereotypes on marijuana and red wine. These reports say both substances could help fight Alzheimer's disease and other types of memory loss.

Stereotypes go a long way to perpetuate negative notions about people, things and ideas.

Think about Cheech and Chong and what comes to mind? Pot smoking. A jobless hippie and a biker smoking copious amounts of weed. How about wine? Old ladies drinking box wine with ice cubes. And that it's not really masculine for a dude to be holding a glass of chilled chardonnay.

Researchers found that THC which is the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana can help reduce brain inflammation, as well as stimulate the growth of new brain cells.

They found that polyphenols which is a chemical substance naturally found in red wine, prohibits toxic plaque build up in the brain that destroy its cells. These substances, also called tannins in red wine, are good for the reduction of cognitive deterioration.

When researchers administered a THC-like synthetic drug to older lab rats, their memory tests were better than a control group of non-medicated rats.

It showed in some rats to lower inflammation of the brain that's in charge of short-term memory, while generating new brain cells, too.

Now, we're not saying go smoke a bong hit if you can't find your car keys. Or drink an entire bottle of Merlot if you find yourself always forgetting your brother-in-law's name.

One of the psychologist who provided these findings was quick to also point out that marijuana is also possibly related to be harmful to health, as well.


Red Wine and Weed Could Help With Alzheimer's