'Skate 2' Interview: Hanging With Pro Skater Patrick Duffy

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Posted December 8, 2008 - By r_pad

I really enjoyed hanging out with Pat Duffy at EA's Skate 2 event. He used to skate in my neighborhood (Potrero Hill!) when he lived in San Francisco, so it was fun chatting about the town. In this interview, Duffy talks about drunken realities, throwing skateboards at pedestrians, shark tanks, and nude girls. Kids, don't try combining all four activities into one.

G4TV: Pat, what kind of influence did you have on Skate 2?

Patrick Duffy: All the skaters, myself included, had some input on what the storyline should be, where we should go, what San Vanelona should look like now, and all that. It all came together pretty awesome, I think, you know what I mean? The whole premise is that the city is dilapidated and skating is outlawed. Most of the skaters are in jail. It's up to you to come back up and make skating cool again!

G4TV: So the storyline was taken from crazy dreams you guys had?

PD: [laughs] I think it was a collaboration -- a brainstorm that combined everyone's dreams.

G4TV: So the storyline is from a lot of people's drunken dreams about skateboarding?

PD: Exactly, but it wasn't just dreams. It was drunken realities too.

G4TV: Ah, the creative process at its finest. So, what's your favorite new feature in Skate 2?

PD: Being able to jump on and off your board -- that's the biggest feature, I think. That's the coolest, you know? You can be skating a ledge or a rail or a big gap or something, mess up, and instead of having to navigate all the way back around, you can just jump off your board, run back, and start again.

G4TV: Like a real, human person?

PD: Like you would out on the streets, skating on a daily basis!

G4TV: This also gives you a lot more freedom to explore.

PD: Yeah! You can totally check stuff out a lot easier than being stuck to your board. In addition to jumping off your board, you can grab stuff to set up tricks, you can throw your board at pedestrians.

G4TV: Sweet!

PD: Yeah, just like you do in the real world! That's always fun. You can move different objects around to set up spots for tricks. Like, if you see a picnic table, you can move it and put it by some stairs for some cool tricks.

G4TV: So setting up spots allows players to be even more creative?

PD: Yeah, players can get creative with the spots they make and get creative by skating on them.

G4TV: What's the coolest spot you've come up with in your head? What's your dream spot?

PD: It would have to involve a shark tank and nude girls.

G4TV: I'd totally skate that.

PD: I would too!

'Skate 2' Interview: Hanging With Pro Skater Patrick Duffy


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