CMT Blogger Miffed That 'Rock Band' Players Hate Country -- Goes All Dixie Chicks


Posted December 4, 2008 - By r_pad

A blogger from Country Music Television (CMT), Alison Bonaguro, is joyous that country music is hitting Rock Band this month. She's also perplexed that Rock Band fans have not welcomed the news with open arms. Scouring the official Rock Band forums, Bonaguro found the following angry lines:

"If country is in that big of a demand, let them release a Country Band. Don’t pollute Rock Band with that…….type of music."

"Country music is the devil."

"To quote my grade 12 ethics class teacher: 'Country music is God's curse on this earth.'"

Really?!? This is her evidence of some Rock Band players being country haters? Either the people in the Rock Band forums are among the nicest Internet posters on Earth or Bonaguro doesn't know what true Internet hate is. I mean, seriously! This stuff is pretty tame. No death threats? No mother jokes? This is kid's stuff.

To add fuel to the rock/country flame war, Bonaguro added:

"To those narrow-minded haters, I say just wait until Dec 16. That’s when Rock Band will add five country songs to its downloadable content for PlayStation3 and XBOX 360."

Was that supposed to be flame bait? Oh Alison...you're doing it all wrong.


CMT Blogger Miffed That 'Rock Band' Players Hate Country -- Goes All Dixie Chicks


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