Researcher Says Video Game Addiction Is A "Social Problem"


Posted November 27, 2008 - By Joseph Baxter

The Smith & Jones Center in Amsterdam has been the center for a study concerning the effects of video game addiction in young people, and has been treating kids afflicted with the "horrible ailment." Well, it seems that center researcher, Keith Bakker has now come to a conclusion that in fact, the ailment appears to be anything but a medical condition. According to Bakker:

These kids come in showing some kind of symptoms that are similar to other addictions and chemical dependencies. But the more we work with these kids the less I believe we can call this addiction. What many of these kids need is their parents and their school teachers - this is a social problem.

Yeah...whatever. Why don't you just go back to your hookers and hookah's you Dutch freak! Video game addiction is a real disease that's influencing thousands...err...millions...err...BILLIONS of children across the world. Its insidious nature coaxes them to carjack innocent commuters, go on wild drive-by shootings at police cars, while running over people on the sidewalks for kicks. How reprehensible! How irresponsible! Video games are scourge on civilized society! I don't like video games, therefore NO ONE SHOULD!!!


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Researcher Says Video Game Addiction Is A "Social Problem"