Angry 'Shenmue' Fans Organize Sega Protest Via MySpace


Posted November 26, 2008 - By r_pad

Shenmue fans angered by the apparent cancellation of the third and final chapter in the series are using MySpace to organize a non-violent protest. The rebels aim to mail as many toy capsules as possible to Sega of Japan between November 27 and December 29. The web page states:

"The date is almost here, and i've received many replies from all the fans ready to start mailing. Get those toy capsules ready!!! The official start date is Nov. 27th (Dreamcast's Anniversary) all the way thru Dec. 29th (Shenmue's Anniversary). Now I know some will be celebrating the holidays that weekend, but we have a full month for you to do your mailing. I can't wait to see if we finally get a reply out of Sega :) I am asking all the fans that are able, to participate in this event. The main idea is that all of us that can will be sending in as many Toy Capsules as we can to SoJ (like the ones you buy in the game). This style of mass mailing was used by fans of the Tv show Jericho. They sent bags of peanuts to the network and succeeded in getting their show put back on the air!"

This is actually pretty cool. Unlike most fanboys and fangirls, these ardent Shenmue fans are doing more than just talking. More importantly, their actions aren't really hurting anyone. I wish them the best of luck with their Gandhi-like protest. If you wish to participate in the event and possibly help the final Shenmue get made, click the link below.


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Angry 'Shenmue' Fans Organize Sega Protest Via MySpace