Child Psychiatry Group Approves Of 'Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe'


Posted November 21, 2008 - By r_pad

In a shocking development, the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry has given a Mortal Kombat game a surprising endorsement. T. Atilla Ceranoglu, M.D. dissects Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe and reasonably concludes:

"With its simpler play, familiar graphics, and adjustable gore content, this product will likely facilitate an adult joining a teenager in video game play. A less mature player is not advised to play this game."

The well-researched article also addresses the blood and gore the series is known for.

"A frequent feature of the MK series has been the GORE it depicts. Each punch or kick ends in blood spurts from the victim. The earliest version, Mortal Kombat, among others was referenced widely during the 1994 Senate hearing on video game violence. A major result of those hearings was the ESRB rating system that we use today. Earlier versions of MK received M (Mature) rating. This version is the first in its pedigree to get a T (teen) rating, and includes less GORE than its predecessors. Yet, in this game, blood and sweat do spill with landing attacks. The game offers the parental modification as an option. However, CAUTION: there is no security password option available; therefore ANYONE can unlock the control. So, parents make sure your teenager will not try at home what happens in game. For those children who are younger or too immature to tell fantasy from reality, this game is not suitable."

This part has me a bit confused; I suppose beating the crap out of someone, impaling them with your blade-like appendages, or smashing the hell out of them with Oan energy is just dandy as long as there's no blood.


Child Psychiatry Group Approves Of 'Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe'


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