UFC Fighter Involved In Controversy Over Videogame Rights


Posted November 21, 2008 - By r_pad

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) organization of mixed martial arts recently had some controversial dealings with one of its fighters. At the heart of the matter -- videogame licensing rights. According to Yahoo! Sports, UFC Dana White and fighter Jon Fitch had some heated arguments in regards to licensing rights in the upcoming UFC games being published by THQ. The situation escalated to the point where Fitch's teamates were in hot water with White. Yahoo!'s Kevin Iole reports:

"Fitch said Wednesday the dispute was over his reluctance to sign a lifetime contract to allow his name and likeness to be used in a video game the UFC is planning with THQ. He said the dispute has nothing to do with money and that he never caused a problem during his time in the UFC."

Today, Yahoo!'s Dave Meltzer reports that the matter has been settled. It's interesting that videogame rights were the focal point of this public dispute. It goes to show how big the business has become. When a jiu-jitsu/wrestling expert jeopardizes his livelihood over videogame rights, you know there's a lot of money involved.

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UFC Fighter Involved In Controversy Over Videogame Rights