Capcom Announces 'Street Fighter II' Deck For 'Uno'


Posted November 21, 2008 - By r_pad

Capcom has announced that it will be offering a special Uno deck to promote the release of Street Fighter II Turbo HD for Xbox 360. The deck will feature an "HD background of Sagat's stage from HD Remix, Sagat's classic level music, portrait art of characters on all the cards, and animation of Street Fighter moves on special cards." One new feature is the "Hadoken" card, which adds a new twist to the classic Uno gameplay. According to Capcom blogger Jimmyrey:

"When someone plays the Hadoken card, they can pick whoever it's played against, and that player must draw cards until they pick up a block or jump card. That Hadoken card brings a whole new level of game changing dynamic to Uno. Think of it as using a super when playing Street Fighter, just when you think you're going to win, BAM!, you get hit with that card."

The deck will be available "some time next month". No pricing information information has been announced.

I'm pretty psyched for the deck. I've burned way too many hours playing Uno on Xbox 360, both online and offline. I love the art style shown in the screenshots, though the Hadoken card seems like a royal pain in the butt. Hopefully the deck is free or offered for a low price since it's a marketing tool.


Capcom Announces 'Street Fighter II' Deck For 'Uno'


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