Salvia For the Win


Posted November 11, 2008 - By juster

Salvia, a plant that is reported to produce a range of experiences from uncontrollable LOL's to short-term hallucinations and alterted states is quickly becoming one of Google's most popular search terms as a representative in Texas trying to ban possession... and the unwashed masses of the internet quickly google the hell out of it to find out what's what.

Salvia divinorum is also known as Diviner's Sage or Sage of the Seers (or so Wikipedia tells us).  It is most often smoked, and is currently legal in most states.  If you'd like to see how one looks on the salvia, go no farther than YouTube where Erik does all sorts of exciting things on the drug, like writing a letter to congress, driving and gardening.  Good times.

Here's our favorite part and the whole point of this post.  Google shares its trending data, so interested parties can see what the whole world searches for on a given day.  Today, salvia has blown up, taking up six slots in the top 100, with an interesting and very telling progression:

2. Salvia

4. Salvia Effects

14. Salvia Trip

20. Salvia For Sale

31. Salvia Purchase

55. Smoking Salvia

Oh Internet, will you ever cease to amuse us?

Salvia For the Win