Zack Snyder Confirms NO "Giant Squid" For 'Watchmen'


Posted November 10, 2008 - By Joseph Baxter

In an interview with Dark Horizons, Watchmen director Zack Snyder has revealed that he has indeed altered the ending of the Watchmen graphic novel for the film. So I guess it's NOT a film spoiler at this point to those uninitiated with the original graphic novel to reveal that the end (well, really one of the main driving forces in the plot of) Watchmen involves a giant "squid" creature that attacks New York. Says Snyder:

The fans, god love ‘em, they’re all up in arms about the squid, (said Snyder.) What they should be up in arms about are things like shooting the pregnant woman, ‘God is real and he’s American’, whether THAT’S in the movie. That’s my point of view, maybe I’m crazy.

The squid was not in the movie when I got the script, the squid was never in any draft that I saw, (continued Snyder.) My point is only that there was this elegant solution to the squid problem that I kind of embraced. I’m a fan of the thing as much as anyone, I was saying what are we going to do about this before I even read the script.

A good point indeed. Watchmen is just as much about philosophical and political undertones that utilize the dynamic of superheroes to bring them to a new light. However, fans not being "up in arms" about iconic lines is a testament to the fact that they have a lot of confidence instilled in Snyder and most people never bothered to devote any thoughts as to any possibility that they would be left out. What's still potentially problematic for Snyder is that the actions of the "squid" is what set off the unique chain of events that leads to the climax of the story. The threat of the "squid" is integral to how things played out. The replacement for it will be difficult to pull off given the state of the characters at this point in the story. IF Snyder can't make the substitution believable, then the resolution of the story will not be believable, which will undoubtedly offset the inclusion of any iconic lines and themes. 


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Zack Snyder Confirms NO "Giant Squid" For 'Watchmen'


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