Tevatron Collider Found Dark Matter?

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Posted November 3, 2008 - By Patrick Roche-Sowa

Everyone's been hearing about the Large Hadron Collider in the news recently, but what may have slipped past your perception is the fact that its aging predicessor, the Tevatron Parricle Accelerator in Illinois, has produced an unexplained result from a collision test that some people think may hint towards the existance of dark matter. The Collider Detector at Fermilab (CDF) monitors the particles that spew from collisions between protons and anti-protons that are smashed together by the Tevatron Accelerator, and this time while looking for bottom quarks and bottom anti-quarks that decay into two charged particles called muons, the CDF found way more muons than expected, including many that appeared to have formed outside the Accelerator. Since scientists are unable to explain how these muons were formed, some theorists are pointing towards the existance of dark matter. Nothing has been confirmed yet, as the results are still being studied, but did Tevatron beat LHC to the punch?


Tevatron Collider Found Dark Matter?


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