DSi Download Games Revealed


Posted October 31, 2008 - By r_pad

Wired has a report on the initial batch of DSi Ware games. These are downloadable titles that can be played on the new Nintendo DSi handheld gaming system. Wired's Chris Kohler was most impressed with the new Made in Wario game. He said:

"The most interesting of the bunch is Utsusu! Made In Wario, the latest in the Wario Ware series of micro-game collections. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata explains that you'll use the Nintendo DSi's built-in camera to play it, kind of like an EyeToy game -- your silhouette is inserted into the mini-games, and you have to play it with your face and hands. You'll actually set the DSi on a tabletop to do this."

While the concept of this game sounds innovative and fun, there's no way you can play Utsusu! Made in Wario without looking like a complete tool...which means we'll all enjoy making our friends play it. In other Wario/DSi news, it was revealed that a bunch of old Wario Ware micros will be available through DSi Ware. Kohler said:
"Nintendo will produce even smaller downloadable DSi games -- some of the mini-games featured in the first Wario Ware game for Game Boy Advance will be released as $2 downloads on DSi Ware."

This isn't nearly as impressive. In fact, it sounds like a damn rip off. One of my colleagues was under the impression that you get one micro-game for $2. I can't believe that's true; that's just too ridiculous. Even if you get a batch of three, it's still a questionable deal for $2. These are micro-games! While their market is quite different from the North American one, I can't see many Japanese consumers dropping yen for these. It'll be interesting to see how they perform.

A lot of the comments I've been reading are pretty negative or indifferent on the DSi. Does the initial batch of DSi games change your opinion? For the better or for the worse? Playing games with your face -- stupid or genius?!? Leave a comment and let me know!


DSi Download Games Revealed


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