'Age of Conan' Getting Combat Patch


Posted October 24, 2008 - By Patrick Roche-Sowa

Age of Conan, the MMO that was once thought to be the proverbial fly in World of Warcraft's ointment, is going to receive a fairly sizable adjustment to the combat system in an up-coming patch. For anyone who hasn't played Funcom's very M rated title, attacks can be thrown from multiple directions using different key presses. Changing certain directional attacks together will open up more powerful attacks, which can then chain to even more powerful attacks, and so on. Well according to a post on the forums from the game's director Craig Morrison, players have found a way to exploit that very system to deal out massive damage, and in the name of fair play, it needs to be fixed.

We are in this patch making some changes to combos which will affect melee and ranged classes. The background for this is split in two; first we saw a problem where the longest combos generated damage spikes that were too big. This is due to the combo length being the most important factor in defining the damage of the combo. Players had also taken to firing the first stages of their combos ‘into thin air’ to better land a big blow at the end. For the longest combos this strategy would deal a lot of damage - even though the majority of the strikes of the combo did not land on the target. This just didn’t feel quite right, and we felt that we needed to adjust the system to provide the right reward for executing your combos effectively, while also ensuring they aren’t cumbersome to pull in PVP.

Admirable admission, Mr. Morrison, but we're still waiting for the griefer's prison system we were promised back at launch and in The MMO Report Age of Conan Launch Special. I want to watch the jerks who exploited this bug in PvP carry rocks across the prison yard for a few hours while the towns people point and laugh.


'Age of Conan' Getting Combat Patch


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