Shatner SLAMS Takei On "Wedding Snub"


Posted October 23, 2008 - By Joseph Baxter

Some tension has erupted between former Star Trek castmates and current "frenemies" William Shatner and George Takei over Takei's recent snubbing of Shatner by a lack of invitation to his wedding. 

As Kirk himself might put it:

Captain's Log: Stardate 1023.08

"There's a sickness, a psychosis if you will, running epidemic aboard the ship. And now it seems our very own Mr. Sulu has been infected with some kind of irrational catiness that has caused him to not invite me to his wedding. There is something festering inside of him, something that makes him take things out on me. Things are getting out of control and I do have to remind him that failure to invite your Captain to your wedding is a violation of Starfleet protocol 12678 which expressly states that in the event that a member of Starfleet comes out of the closet and decides to have a highly publicized wedding, the Senior Starfleet Officer responsible for his career and celebrity MUST be present or said member may face a Court Martial or exile on the planet Talos IV."

Let us all hope that the relationship of Patrick Stewart and LeVar Burton NEVER come to this. **Sad Stuff**


Shatner SLAMS Takei On "Wedding Snub"