After Kimbo's Loss, Elite XC MMA Folds


Posted October 21, 2008 - By Joseph Baxter

By the end of this week, the Elite XC MMA organization will close its doors for good. If you know nothing about this sport and what this means, let me break down the story real quick here.

Picture this: You're an MMA organization trying to compete with Dana White and his virtual monopoly with the UFC. You sign Internet sensation Kimbo Slice and attempt to make your mark by pushing him as your poster boy. Show after show you have him destroy ham and eggers and people past their prime. Over and over pessimists dismiss your poster boy's abilities and say that any "real" MMA fighter would plow through him. You of course, dismiss it. The next big marquee, money-making fight is the legend, the "World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock (who as it so happens, hasn't won a fight in about half a decade.)

Fight Day 10/4/08: Shamrock is injured and can't compete. The show's booked, the sponsors are locked in, we go on the air LIVE in a few hours on CBS network television, and a show without your poster boy as promised would be suicide. Enter Seth Petruzelli, an unknown fighter with a brief, unsuccessful stint in the UFC stepping in for Shamrock.

14 seconds after the Ref starts the fight...IT'S OVER! Your poster boy is knocked out on his ass! Every bit of credibility you wished to have for your organization is gone! You've got nothing. This, after a previous bad television deal, shows that have been hemorrhaging money, and an ambitious, costly, but unsuccessful website that attempted the "social networking" route.

No disrespect to Kimbo, he was in a tenuous position, and I'm sure he'll fight again. However, it was the (ultimately vulnerable) HYPE from Elite XC itself that created this problem and has now left top Female MMA attraction Gina Carano among others on the roster without a home.


After Kimbo's Loss, Elite XC MMA Folds


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