Blizzard Speaks On 'StarCraft II' Trilogy


Posted October 15, 2008 - By jmanalang


Blizzard has made the universe of their upcoming RTS sequel StarCraft II so huge that they decided to release it as a trilogy. However, after the trilogy was announced, gamers practically overflowed with questions regarding the title's three-part release. How long will each campaign be? Will all races be playable in multiplayer mode when the first game launches? How much will each StarCraft II installment cost?

Thankfully, Blizzard has updated the game's FAQs page on its official website to answer all (if not, most) of our questions regarding the exciting trilogy. Here are a couple of entries straight from the page:

Will we still be able to play multiplayer matches of StarCraft II with all three races?

"Yes! From the beginning, StarCraft II will be a fully featured multiplayer game, and all three races will be available for competitive play."

Why did you decide to release each race's campaign separately?

"We're aiming to push the boundaries of storytelling and character development in RTS games through the unique single-player campaign design of StarCraft II. Players will be able to choose their mission path and technology upgrades for their army as they advance through the campaign. In order to make these choices meaningful while creating an epic story and well-developed characters for each faction, we needed to focus on a single race for a large number of missions.

The Trilogy also allows us to create more in-game and prerendered cinematics to tell the story in between missions. There will be more interactive sets and elements for players to explore during each campaign, along with other interesting design elements to differentiate the single-player game from multiplayer matches. For example, the technology choices within the terran single-player campaign will include special upgrades and unit types that are unique to the single-player game. These could include the ability to purchase classic units such as the wraith or firebat to add to Jim Raynor's army."

Hit the source for the rest of the answers. Starcraft II will be available for the PC and Macintosh platforms.


Blizzard Speaks On 'StarCraft II' Trilogy


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