'APB' Lets You Arrest Other Players


Posted October 3, 2008 - By Patrick Roche-Sowa

Real Time Worlds, the development studio that brought us the surprise hit Crackdown, have revealed a new gameplay mechanic in their upcoming MMO A.P.B. In the game, players will choose to play on the side of the criminals or to take up the call of law enforcement and try to clean up the streets. It was just revealed that Enforcers will have the ability to arrest and detain other players in the game, allowing them to take bad guys off the streets for a certain period of time.

"Enforcers have an arrest system available to them which serves to take out a criminal player until they are freed or the arrest timer expires and they must respawn as if killed. This can reduce the criminal force for longer periods of time than killing them would unless freed by their criminal group-mates."

Another interesting tidbit that was dropped is the fact that A.P.B. will not have playable classes. Instead, players will be slowly pointed towards whatever roll best fits their play style. Real Time Worlds also plans on including stealth gameplay in A.P.B., so we would suspect that means an "Undercover" class/profession. So far, this game sounds epic. Put me down for day one.


'APB' Lets You Arrest Other Players