Nintendo Media Summit Day Two


Posted October 3, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

Welcome to day two of the Nintendo Press Summit. Today's announcements are all about WiiWare, the Nintendo Wii's download service. Here's how the presentation went down, minute-by-minute!

9:11--Want to know what's coming up on WiiWare? How about Tetris Party, a Hudsonsoft developed mash-up of Tetris and partying. The game uses both one and two-handed gameplay, and, get this, the Balance Board. Along with Balance Board play, there's new puzzle modes and different online competitive play.

Balance Board play is done totally without controllers, just the board. You rotate by squatting, and hurry up the blocks by leaning forward. Playing against the computer was called "The Ultimate Tetris workout."

9:13: There's also a Tetris race mode, where a single Tetris piece "races" through obstacles. It turns Tetris into a vertical scrolling game. Nice! Another Tetris Party innovation: Co-op Tetris, where players work together to make lines. Another new mode is a competitive mode that's turn-based. Players use their Tetris pieces to claim territory. It will cost 1,200 Wii Points and will be "available worldwide soon."

9:21: Boingz is a WiiWare game from RealNetworks with a delightful unconventional spelling. It's a colorful, cartoonish platformer heavy on the puzzles. The controls are pretty awesome. Rather than jumping around and running like most platformers, you basically use the Wiimote to stretch you r Boing who rebounds and flips into the air, kind of like a living rubberband.

9:25: Developed by NinjaBee, Boingz is designed to be non-frustrating and "happy." Although it features a countdown clock for the more hardcore who want to get through levels super fast. The design is Dr. Seuss-like and looks like a pleasant diversion.

9:28: World of Goo is launching 10/13. 'It's a difficult to describe puzzle game, where players move around balls of goo to great shaky structures and move through levels. It's very cool, though.

9:29--Maybe the best for last, though: Cult favorite PC game Cave Story is coming to WiiWare by the end of the year. This platformer was developed by Nicalis, a very small shop, and the old-school graphics and difficulty as well as the niche gamer appeal may be the perfect payoff of the promise of WiiWare--we'll know when we play it!

And with that, the presentation at the beginning of day two of the Nintendo Media Summit comes to an end. Now we're off to play some WiiWare games!

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Nintendo Media Summit Day Two


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