Guy Watches Football For 'Madden'


Posted September 30, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

Many years ago, we saw a guy with a shirt reading "Official Bikini Inspector," and have been terribly jealous ever since, but today we heard of a guy with an even more envious position: Electronic Arts' Anthony White gets paid to watch football.

White is in charge of checking out each week's games, and tweaking Madden stats so the game matches more closely with the real world.  "I am responsible for the design of the X's and O's," White said. "How teams play in the game. How players react to certain situations that come up. The coaching tendencies." To do that, White has to watch a lot of football. He carefully analyzes each game, noting things like new formations, previously unseen plays and other anomalies to add into the next Madden.

How did White get the gig? He played a lot of Madden.

"I would sit there and play continuously, all through the night," White said. "Mom and Dad thought I was nuts. . . . While most other guys my age were into hanging out, going to the mall, girlfriends and things like that, I'm at home drawing up plays on notepads and different things I want to try out in the game."

Until we figure out how to become a bikini inspector, we'll envy real American hero Anthony White.


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Guy Watches Football For 'Madden'


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