Games: The Remedy For Recession?


Posted September 24, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

Echoing a sentiment every gamer innately understands, National Public Radio is reporting that when the going gets tough, people turn to video games for consolation and entertainment. NPR posits that the upcoming economic crap-shower that may decimate our nation's supply of money and golden back-scratcher could prove a positive thing for the video game industry.

In past economic downturns, people turned to light-hearted entertainment--folks flocked to the movies during the 30s Depression, and remember the Mumblety-Peg craze of 1873?--right now, the biggest form of turn-off-your-brain entertainment is video games. They also save you money on gas, and with prices rising to over $76 million dollars a gallon, that's added value.

David Riley of the NPD Group brought up a different advantage to gamin in tough economic times. "The difference, obviously, between a movie and a video game is the amount of time that you get," he says.

So, readers, if the economy tanks as many people think it will, are you gonna close the shades and play games for a couple years while the problem corrects itself?


Games: The Remedy For Recession?


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