The MMO Report: Warhammer Launch Special - Part 1


Posted September 11, 2008 - By Patrick Roche-Sowa

This week, we're preparing you for the launch of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning with Part 1 of our two-part launch special. To get an inside look at how the game was developed at Mythic Entertainment, we got an exclusive tour from Creative Director Paul Barnett; a man so funny he should probably have his own tv show. Or at least guest host The Tonight Show. Find out how you too can become a game developer, and just how many man-dolls and swords it takes to make a great MMO. Here's a hint: It's a lot.

Also, we have picked the winners of our "Perfect Haiku Contest", and posted their poems after the Read More link. Some are quite beautiful, some are quite hilarious, all are worth the time it takes to read them. Congratulate these fine literary soldiers on their masterful knowledge of the English language and understanding of what a syllable is.

So hop on your dog sled, mush those huskies with all your might, and say "thanks, but no thanks" to a bridge to nowhere. This is...

The MMO Report.

The MMO Report: Warhammer Launch Special - Part 1 »

And don't forget to check out Part 2 of our Warhammer Online Launch Special

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Winning Haikus: (credited by Perfect World International usernames)


Bears and frogs oh my
Wander around in the sky
That is P W I.


Song of a Cleric
Echoing in a valley
Reviving the dead


Grinding Day and Night;
Insomnia is my plight;
All I earn is flight.


Grand Game, I must say,
Fell in love on the first day,
No Cash? Free to play!


Hogan just killed you.
Whatcha gunna do brotha.

Honorable Mentions:


Early morning sun
Shining on my Archer corpse
Later will try Fox


I was called a noob
So I dared to player kill
and five on one sucks


The MMO Report: Warhammer Launch Special - Part 1


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