Uwe Boll Plans...To Save Hollywood


Posted September 11, 2008 - By jmanalang

Critically acclaimed director Uwe Boll* believes that, "There is no money to be made in movies", as he states through an article that he sent out to "numerous sources". The director of Oscar-worthy films such as BloodRayne, House of the Dead and Postal* shared his knowledge to improve the current state of Hollywood.

Here are some of the complaints Boll stated about the current film industry, in his own words:

  • 20 years ago maybe three movies came out every week. Now 6 to 10.
  • In earlier days you had 5 to 10 event movies per year. Now you have 40. And they destroy the medium movies. Not because they are good! Because they are so expensive and spending so much money in p&a to win their weekends and to win market share.
  • Also DVD releases cost money and not all revenues going against the production or p&a costs -- there are also distribution fees of 10 to 20% first due.
  • In TV are less and less spaces for films. Every channel is showing casting and reality shows: Superstar, Idol, Cooking, Handyman shows are invading the channels.

Hit the jump to see his suggestions to improve Hollywood.

The solutions to save Hollywood, according to Uwe Boll:

  • It's proven that actors are totally overpaid. Some beach boys getting hyped up and absurd amounts paid for saying five lines per day and letting the stuntguys doing the hard work. If the studios would in general not pay more as max. $3 million for a star per movie -- the stars would work for that money if nobody offers more. It's also absurd to pay medium names more as $250,000 per movie.
  • Why SHOWTIME or HBO paying for independent movies $20,000 and for medium movies produced by the majors millions. TV channels must show more movies and pay also fair prices for independent product.
  • Theaters must show also more trailers of smaller movies.

Do you agree with Mr. Boll or no? As for us...sure*.

*Perhaps in a parallel universe.


Uwe Boll Plans...To Save Hollywood


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