Cell Phone Thief Torture App?


Posted September 9, 2008 - By Frank Meyer

Maverick Secure Mobile has a new cell application in beta testing stage that will delight those of that have had our cell phones stolen and wish there was something we coulda done about it.

When you install the Maverick Mobile application, you provide the phone number of a second device, called a "receiving device," on which to receive any information from the stolen phone. When you remotely retrieve your address book contacts or other data, it goes to the receiving device via SMS or text message. 

So when the thief tries to use your phone or changes the SIM (Subscriber Identify Module) card, you can disable the stolen phone remotely, track the phone's use and retrieve your data. Plus, if you call the stolen phone with the "receiving device" it turns on a speaker and microphone on the stolen phone remotely so you can spy on any calls being made and the thief will be none the wiser.

Nice, eh?

But best of all, you can actually torture your thief. Yes, you can remotely send a piercing alarm to the stolen phone that the crook can only turn off by removing battery. The alarm goes back on when he puts the battery back in.  Sweet, eh?


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Cell Phone Thief Torture App?


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