iPhone Vs. Jitterbug: Ultimate Comparo


Posted August 29, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

Now that the dust has settled and the hype has cleared on the release of the 3G iPhone, it's time to put the "Jesus Phone" to the test, and pit it against a real competitor in a feature-for-feature, head-to-head cell phone battle for ultimate supremacy!

In the Red Corner: The Challenger: The 3G iPhone. Weighing in at 4.7 Ounces with a 3.5 inch screen, the iPhone is the darling of tech-nerds and early adopters everywhere.

In The Blue Corner: The Champion: The Jitterbug: Weighing in at 4.4 oz, with a 1.8 inch screen, the Jittebug is the cell phone for the over-65 set. If you've watched basic cable in the last couple years, you are no doubt familiar with this cell phone and it's amazing advertising jingle, distinctive lack of both features and dialing buttons and its clamshell shape.

Here's how the two stack up in the ultimate cell phone Comparo:

Feature Iphone Jitterbug
Price $199 (with 2 year plan)  $149
Can Make Phone Call? Yes Yes
3G Internet Support Yes Unnanounced
Internal Hard Drive Yes Unnanounced
Camera Yes Unnanounced
Email Support Yes Unnanounced
Application Support Yes Unnanounced
On-Board GPS Yes Unnanounced
Has Actual Dial Tone? No Yes
Frightens Technophobes? Yes No
Can Change Contacts By Fax? No Yes
Comes With Lanyard? No  Yes
Padded Ear-Piece? No  Yes
Facilitates Calls From Nana? No  Yes

The result: It's a draw. If you're a hipster, early-adopter technophile type who's compensating for how empty your life is with gadgets, you'll surely favor the iPhone. If you're a contrarian, want to get a phone for your grandma or a duffer who wants a simple way to call the cops on those kids who won't stay off your lawn, go with the Jitterbug.

Plus, the Jitterbug has an actual dial tone and allows you to update your contact list by faxing changes to the company. How pimp is that?

iPhone Vs. Jitterbug: Ultimate Comparo


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