The MMO Report: Thursday, August 28th


Posted August 28, 2008 - By Patrick Roche-Sowa

During this week long Democratic love-fest in Colorado, you need a sharp punch in the mouth to remind you that the world isn't quite that sunny. That just so happens to be what Casey Schreiner does best. He'll slap that smile right off that smug face of yours, and you will love him for it. Don't resist, just embrace. It's much easier that way.

This week Casey is going to tell you about how Blizzard is preparing World of Warcraft subscribers for the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King expansion, a new MMO called The Chronicles of Spellborn, and one of the best internet loves stories of all time in WTF Second Life. You know that's gotta be a good one. Also, we've posted a few of our favorite submissions for our '6 Hour Power Session' write in campaign. Click the Read More link and feel better about yourself for at least getting out of the house once in a while.So hop on that griffin, minimize the window, and press play. You're about to have the happy slapped out of you. This is...

The MMO Report.

The MMO Report: Thursday, August 28th »


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Here are a few of our favorite submissions of 6 Hour Power Sessions.

From Spin Chillan:

It was somewhere near the time of 12:30am or 1am. I was just about to pack it in for a good night sleep, but figured I should check the mail on my Human Pally on WoW.  I had absolutely none, and instead of going to sleep like I should have, I started on a quest to retrieve an Ooze-cover Bag from the Wetlands. 

I grinded through all of the little oozes, but alas, none gave me what I desired. I waited around for respawns while watching re-runs of Different Strokes (...I really do not know what Willis was talking about).  When the Oozes came back, I killed, but still no bag.  Rinse, wash, repeat, and a six and a half hour period of delirium that only my alarm clock's high pitched tones could break me of (oh snap...time for school). 

In the end, all I received from my 6+ hour trek was a bit of silver, a nap through chemistry, and a Ooze-covered Bag-less night. It's no Illidan fight...that is probably easier

From Panzer Fist:

I was doing a set of missions in Final Fantasy XI for the expansion pack, Rise of the Zilart.  We needed to beat up to mission 12 to get sky access, something that i wanted since it came out.  I saw a shout for a group doing mission 6 which is what i was on.  After 2hrs of prep work we set out and beat it an hour later, at which point we all agreed to continue the progression.  At the same time, i started feeling a little nauseous, knowing full well what was about to follow.  

By mission 8, i felt sick enough that i had to sit in the most awkward position in my chair to keep from needing to race to the bathroom during the mission 8 boss fight we were now 4 hours into our endeavor, and i said "as soon as this is over I'm done;"  i figured i could hold myself til then.  2 hours later we got to mission 10, at which point my body was about to go critical with explosive diarrhea and nausea, but i said f**k it, if i quit now, who knows how long it'll take to get another group.  I promptly explained this to my party, which was met with an awkward silence, a lmao, then a rallying cry to make it through the last mission which would get sky access. 

After a "brief" bathroom break and prayer, i set out for the final mission, hoping that that last trip would relieve me long enough to make it through.  By this point i had been at my comp for 8 hours and it was 1AM, i started to fall asleep, but my stomach churned hard enough to keep me up, it was horrible.  I sat doubled over in front of my computer just trying not to have an accident right there.  We finally made it to the last boss, with my bodily fluid mostly in check, we beat it, i got the key item i needed, got a warp to my mog house, logged after thanking everyone, Spent another hour in the bathroom then  promptly fell asleep. In the bathroom.  Or maybe i passed out.  Either way, I'd do it all over again.
In summary: I did a mission set in FFXI for 8 hours while fighting progressively worsening vomiting and diarrhea

From Slaszako:

A guild on Lightninghoof that I was in spent about 6 hours in Serpentshrine Cavern failing so hard on Leotheras the Blind. it was the worst time of my wow "career" if you could call it that. After god knows how many attempts, we finally called the raid, and i think everyone was ready to kill themselves.
Ironically enough, we went in the next day with a different raid leader and got Leo down on the second try.
I think that actually made it worse knowing we couldn't get him down for over 6 hours one day, and the next we just "oops we killed you lol!" to leo.
Not cool.
A bit of me died.
I didn't even get f**kin loot.

The MMO Report: Thursday, August 28th


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