Play With Your Mii In 'Guitar Hero World Tour'


Posted August 20, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

Among the many, many interesting announcements made today at Leipzig comes this piece of news that shouldn't get lost in the shuffle: The Wii version of Guitar Hero World Tour will feature Mii Freestyle, which allows you to rock-out-with-your-Mii-out in the game.

We're not sure how this could be possible unless the look of the game on the Wii is totally different than the versions on other platforms; after all, you can't just throw a Mii into a realistic setting and have it "make sense."

We totally applaud this news and look forward to creating an all-star band featuring "Killer" Kane from the New York Dolls, Idi Amin, Sandra Day O'Connor and Gay Hitler, all Miis that live in our Wii.

The game comes out this Fall on the Wii.

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Play With Your Mii In 'Guitar Hero World Tour'


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