'You Don't Know Jack' Is Back


Posted August 19, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

It's a simple equation: If you played PC quiz game You Don't Know Jack, you love PC quiz game You Don't Know Jack, so brace yourself, fool: You Don't Know Jack is coming back! Jellyvision Games, the people behind Jack, are gearing up for a triumphant return to game development:

"Finally, there's a big market again for high-end games that doesn't require players to blast everything in sight with a rail gun," said Harry Gottlieb, founder and CEO of Jellyvision and the creator of You Don't Know Jack. "We're setting sail on a new and far more ambitious course in the sea of interactive games. We feel very lucky to have Mike Bilder [formerly of Midway Games] at the helm. And by 'helm' I actually mean 'desk.' We're not really on a ship -- just a regular company... in a building and everything."

"Whether you're on the same couch with your friends or playing others over a network, we're going to combine the social dynamics created by great board games, with the thrill and story arc of great television game shows," said Gottlieb. "Of course, if the games do poorly in focus testing, we'll just add guns and nudity."

We'll let you know the details when they arrive.

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'You Don't Know Jack' Is Back