Realtime Worlds 'All Points Bulletin' August Update

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Posted August 13, 2008 - By defiantketchup

Realtime Worlds sends the latest on its upcoming cops-n-robbers MMO, APB.

-In the last couple of weeks videogaming247 had a couple of discussions with studio manager Colin Macdonald about how the launch of APB was "closer than many thought".

-Having no presence at E3 this year, rumors and speculation went wild with the current state of the game.  President of Realtime Worlds Tony Harman on the issue:

“This year we would have had an exciting presence with APB at E3 if we had continued with Webzen as our publisher.  But, given that we re-acquired the rights to APB just this spring and closed a very large fundraising round ($50,000,000) to secure APB’s future, the timing just wasn’t right to attend E3.  RTW is very excited with APB’s progress and we have used our fundraising as a means to invest even more heavily in the APB development team.  RTW hopes to release more information later this year with regards to game play details and beta plans.”

-As for the game itself, the developers are prepping the initial steps for a beta and having already opened up a "Register your interest" fan page via Facebook they now have their sign-up page live on their site for parties interested in keeping tabs on the game and its development.

Realtime Worlds 'All Points Bulletin' August Update