'WoW' Celebrates The Olympics In Game


Posted August 8, 2008 - By Patrick Roche-Sowa

So the Olympic Games began in The People's Republic of China today, and in honor of this biannual event, Blizzard is giving out Olympic themed items to World of Warcraft players who engage in Battleground matches. Play though one match, stay through the entire duration of the battle, and you will be awarded with an Olympic branded Tabard for your character. If you can actually win a Battleground match, there is a chance you will recieve a pet based off the official mascot of the Beijing Olympics. Hit the read more link to see Smog the Dragon for yourself. *Warning: Smog is not the official name of the mascot of the Beijing Olympics and we apologize to the People's Republic of Air Pollution*

MMO Champion: Olympic Tabard & Pet, WotLK Class Changes

'WoW' Celebrates The Olympics In Game


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