The MMO Report: Thursday, August 7th


Posted August 7, 2008 - By Patrick Roche-Sowa

Ladies and gentlemen, we've reached a milestone in the history of internet; The MMO Report has been online for a full year.

Yes, it's time to celebrate 52 weeks of the greatest internet MMO news show on the planet. Pop a bottle of bubbly, break out the good crystal, and turn on the disco ball. As a gift to you, our loyal viewers, we've allowed an audience to appreicate Casey's genius in person. Not only do we think it enhances your viewing pleasure, but we're going to let you decided whether they stay or go. Let us know what you think about the studio audience in the comments section, and we'll take your opinions into consideration for future episodes. But it's still our show, so don't expect us to listen THAT much.

So let's get this party started right. You know how we do. This is...

The MMO Report.


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The MMO Report: Thursday, August 7th