'Halo 3' To See Major Ranking Changes This Month


Posted August 4, 2008 - By bleahy

Halo 3's August Title Update will include some major changes to the way players are ranked online in multiplayer. Bungie plans to separate the playlists and give players individual ranks in each playlist.

Previously, in the current #1 Xbox Live game, gamers had one overall rank and individual skill ratings in each playlist. Now, gamers will get an overall skill rating and individual rankings in each playlist.

At the core, Bungie insists that a player's "TrueSkill" ranking will be preserved and still visible as well as a total EXP rank. So all you Generals will still be Generals. This means, however, that instead of hitting max level in a single playlist and farming EXP in social games, players can work toward ranks in each playlist.

This should help reduce the amount of farming and increase the number of games being played in ranked playlists. This should help alleviate a problem we've noticed in Halo 3 where social games become the place to play for the best players because they aren't matched up based on skill. It's a great place for them to easily rack up wins, while more casual players are forced to play them.

Now, these skilled players will have play in each playlist to level-up. It'll force them to actually play against similarly skilled players, which we're sure they are going to hate.

Note, there are rankings for social and ranked playlists.

What do you think of these changes?

Bungie.net: Bungie Weekly Update: 8/01/08

'Halo 3' To See Major Ranking Changes This Month


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