'Knight Rider' Details Revealed


Posted July 25, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

Knight Rider was one of the dopiest, craziest awesomest things ever put on TV, but can the new series live up to the campy example set by the original? Judging from the panel held at Comic-Con yesterday, they're not even going to try. Instead, the new series seems like it will be more action-packed, harder-edged, and just less flat-out ridonkulous than the original.

Along with the re-tooled KITT (pictured above), Michael's background (from the recent TV movie) as an Iraqi soldier is expanded, adding a lot of intrigue to that part of his life. Here's what the show's writer had to say: "There is something more to that [war]. What he was doing, what he remembers and what he doesn't remember." So look for serious intrigue, brothers and sisters.

Another change: KITT will have a whole team of people who make him work in a high-tech setting. There will be a romantic female lead as a main character, so less a "boy-and-his-car" story and more serious and realistic... good changes? Bad? We'll see this fall. Read all about it at the link below!

IGN: SDCC 08: Knight Rider Lives

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'Knight Rider' Details Revealed


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